How Music Can Upright Upside Down America…

Make the Music Industry Relevant Again! What? Why? How?

#MusicThatMatters — The Intersection of Music and Social Impact
In the process of devising a music business venture to improve the livelihoods of music creators, we had an epiphany from which Socially Driven Music (SDM) emerged. It became clear that music and social impact could be brought together for reciprocal benefit. #Music4APurpose will also elevate the mostly uninspired, copycat dreck currently offered by the music business and appeal to a large alienated audience no longer listening to new music. Read about SDM’s Value Propositions and see our PowerPoint presentation here:
New Publication, Spring 2020: The Roadmap for the New Music Business Where Music and Social Good “Come Together” for Activism, Mutual Benefit and Greater Revenue