Socially Driven Music Value Propositions

Socially Driven Music Value Propositions

Besides revolutionizing local philanthropy and creating community with local emerging and established artists and their fans, the Socially Driven Music model has several value propositions that solve many of the music industry’s ongoing problems, including:

  1. Encourages socially poignant music.
  2. Engages a wide demographic and re-engages older generations who are disenfranchised by much of today’s music.
  3. Incentivizes voting and appeals to young prospective voters.
  4. Reignites the careers of seminal, brilliant songwriters, many of whom have been sidelined by vapid trends that rely more on production techniques.
  5. Resurrects the careers of the 80–90% of artists and writers who languish in the catalogues of the major labels and music publishers.
  6. Brings new attention to Legacy/Heritage acts.
  7. Creates inventive collaborations between generations of musicians/songwriters who are inspired by social good.
  8. Establishes channels of communication between Super-Fans (Musicpreneurs) and luminary music business executives (Mentors) for the benefit of the discovery, cultivation and marketing of emerging local talent.
  9. Offers former music executives a return to the music business.
  10. Demonstrates new marketing opportunities in local markets that are then parlayed nationally and internationally by tapping into large existing special interest communities.
  11. Incorporates advanced analytics to target talent and fan bases.
  12. Offers imaginative use of tech to generate new, more personal experiences for fan-artist interaction.
  13. Compensates everyone in the value chain, including creating additional sources of revenue for artists and songwriters from sponsorship by ancillary sources related to causes without subtracting from donations to the causes.
  14. Dismisses and replaces excuses for lack of transparency and expedited royalties, worldwide.
  15. Offers original production companies such as Quibi and Amazon an opportunity to transform much of their music expense to a revenue center.

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