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Music Can Inform Voters and Politics, and Influence Daily Life for the Better.

he music industry’s #BlackoutTuesday is certainly a heartfelt, well-intentioned gesture. No doubt that the industry is sincerely and deeply troubled and empathetic to the tragedy of the killing of George Floyd. But what will meaningfully result from a one day hiatus from work? We suggest that we must do more. We must do what we can to offer hope and quell the violence.

 It is also commendable to see music companies making donations to relevant organizations fighting against bigotry and supporting the important work of these dedicated groups. But, again, will there be a sustained effort that actually makes a dent in institutional racism and that ensures equality?

ell before the horrific events of a homicide of an innocent black man amidst the ravages of a pandemic (medical and racial), Socially Driven Music was created to bring purpose to music on a regular, daily basis: #MusicThatMatters. SDM encourages the development of new socially conscious music in keeping with music’s rich history of protest, with special homage to the civil rights movement of the 60’s. Have a listen to some of history’s best examples:

SDM is designed to bring artists and songwriters together with social causes for interaction and impact, while improving the livelihoods of writers and artists through participation in social good alongside grassroots fan bases who share their passion. It’s about the type of altruism that always brings reciprocal benefit as the result of its purity. Some people call this Karma.

For insight, look at our Landing Page and its link to our essays. The first three posts will be the easiest to digest for a clear understanding of our mission. The prologue post speaks to the value propositions for the music industry by revolutionizing local philanthropy by creating community with local emerging and established artists and their fans that will concurrently address many of the music industry’s ongoing business quagmires.

This post, however, is not about our desire to improve the music business. That’s for another time. It’s about “Calls-To-Action” for justice for Mr. Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and so many others, that can be achieved through a music industry determined to make a daily, ongoing, tangible difference in routing out racism. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

ocially Driven Music is the music industry’s de facto social impact advocacy/activism group. We understand that meaningful change is accomplished by influencing political leaders to stand with the core change agents. We are utilizing tools like Countable to funnel demands to lawmakers. We are reaching out to Community Organizers and connecting them to local artists. We are connecting with myriad special interests groups. We are joining with many of the voter registration organizations. And we are amplifying artists’ voices to exhort people (including the important younger demographics) to actually get out and vote. Democracies are fragile and are likely not preordained. Elections have consequences.

SDM is working on plans to host coordinated livestreamed events around the country. This is a hyperlocal mission that will combine emerging and established talent, with on the ground social impact organizations, philanthropies and local politicians in one voice for positive, peaceful changes.

Join other Artists, Writers, Causes, Fans and Music Industry Experts in our Interactive, Reciprocal Advocacy!

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Socially Driven Music is an artist-centric, advanced analytics company led by visionary founder Stephen C. Love and based upon his extensive music industry background. Mr. Love was one of the co-architects of the legendary ATV Music Group (publishers of the Lennon-McCartney catalogue and many other celebrated writers), where he served as Executive Vice President, Worldwide. His career includes EVP Music, Worldwide, at Carolco Pictures, All American Television and Pearson Television (Fremantle). Long considered a big thinker and visionary, he has extensive experience in international music publishing creative, royalties and overall administration, Film and TV supervision, and negotiation of composer, artist and soundtrack agreements for dozens of productions. SDM is about reciprocally connecting music artists and songwriters to social causes and invites artists, songwriters and all important social causes and respective fans to join our industry experts in interactive advocacy. #MusicThatMatters #SociallyDrivenMusic
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