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Our introduction to our Blog begins with Stephen C. Love’s continuing essay series originally posted to Medium. These articles describe the concepts and development of Socially Driven Music and its iterations as it continues to evolve into the music industry’s visionary thought-leader and facilitator of music for a purpose.

Here, over time, you will find a variety of blog posts shared by music artists, songwriters and entertainment industry executives, as well as social good causes which we connect with them for the benefit of all. These posts most often come from personal experiences and are always empathetic. They also serve to introduce corresponding SDM Podcasts.

If you’re motivated to offer a story about an issue important to you, please have a look at the newsletter signup on the SDM Homepage and select the cause or causes in the dropdown menu that you most want to embrace and collaborate on promoting. You’ll also see links to our Discord and Slack accounts where you can similarly choose groups with which to interact.

Socially Driven Music looks forward to introducing the music and social impact communities and to monetizing music in new ways while also bringing solutions to social issues we all care about.