Sounds of Saving is precisely the type of important mission that Socially Driven Music and our coalition was designed to support. This is an ideal illustration of the opportunity for us to fully engage our coalition to help people who are depressed, dealing with substance abuse, affected by bullying, and are otherwise suffering to the point of considering the tragedy of ending their lives.

Below is a list of our consortium partners. I/we are looking forward to pursuing ideas, and I am particularly intrigued with the idea of more actively connecting photography and music and then extending the reach via NFT’s through MetaNoise which can be marketed through Sizzle’s magic and energized by advertising that can generate support for SOS.

Your campaign of covers by artists whose lives were affected and even saved by music is an emotional testament. The other initial (brainstorming) thoughts are to facilitate music collaborations between emerging and established artists/songwriters to create some original songs that metaphorically speak to emotional distress that can be severe enough to be tragic. We can then parlay this music with SmashHaus into well-considered sync licenses, powered by the wonders of Artificial Intelligence from HitLab. WithOthers is the ideal live event organization to then activate and interact with the grassroots army that HitLab will help identify who embrace the mission espoused by SOS and the music creators. Of course, the advertisers will also want to extend their reach from the Metaverse to IRL opportunities brought by WithOthers.

By the way, I am in discussions with a renowned broadway fashion designer with innovations in the WEB3 universe. We are pondering opportunities to dress avatars in the Metaverse and NFT’s in ways that have additional lucrative potential.

Please let me know when you’d like to drill down on the above for implementation.

Stephen Love
Socially Driven Music