MAGA is antithetical to the GOP

Where is the Music Industry?

Like the old proverb about Nero’s indifference while the whole of Rome was on fire, the music business is fiddling while the world is burning. With some notable exceptions, music today writ large is remiss in not speaking to urgent societal issues with consistent focus and calls-to-action. History is replete with classic songs that were centerpieces to successful protest movements. As conducive as the 1970’s and 80’s were to motivating compelling music that excelled at musings about the issues of the day, there is no dearth of topics currently for artists and songwriters to address (eg., democracy, mental health, climate, antisemitism, reasonable gun control, self-harm, terrorism, environment, climate, discrimination, LGBQT+, veterans, substance abuse, bullying, animal abuse, homelessness, disease and wellness, food and water insecurity, etc.). We’re referring to clever, metaphorical or allegorical songs that are easily digestible versus a lambaste (think Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” about the environment presented as a love song admonition).

The music business has now decided that cultivating super fans is its future. Appealing to listeners with “music for a purpose” that provokes a visceral reaction and motivates tangible interaction between the artist, fan and a cause they embrace (the secret sauce that provides credibility to celebrity opinions), becomes the basis for super fandom.

Let’s talk about democracy as a relevant use case illustration. As we paid homage to our heroes on Memorial Day and D-Day 2024, we must also ponder a fraught, upside down world where facts and revered institutions are being assailed. We must push back and always remember and honor “The Greatest Generation” (and all Veterans) who fought and died upholding ideals that they expected us to continue to respect.

To all, like us, who are concerned about our American democracy withstanding the current assault of misinformation and disinformation propogated by the disingenous, self-serving (and some, simply abject idiot contrarian public figures and commentators), remember that music is a powerful communicator. Objectively, there is abundant empirical evidence about the dangers we face. Music can explore the contributing factors that affect disenfranchised voters, and offer ideas for bettering these realities. We must encourage traditional GOP voters to make it clear that, despite questionable polls, they are still the majority of the party that has never suffered fools, buffoons and liars – that they are not the craven sycophants who blindly follow. It’s always essential that election decisions be thoughtfully reasoned and based upon facts, not conspiracy theories or family allegiance to a particular party. We must accept that no single political party has all the answers. Only then will this once respected party regain its footing and be able to honorably and civilly compete, debate and compromise with Democrats and Independents for the sake of us all. The combination of the music industry, fan, social causes, and business communities aligned with supportive politicians is a profound aggregated force for actualizing this urgent, constructive cultural outcome.

Socially Driven Music is manifestly a non-partisan proponent of positive social impact integrated with myriad social good organizations in conjunction with supportive business brands and politicians who can influence outcomes. We are rapidly becoming the music industry’s de facto activism group, compelled to create a legacy of social impact which concurrently improves the livelihoods of music artists and songwriters by facilitating #Music4APurpose

(See how we are utilizing the app Nextdoor for new socially poignant music discovery:

Our mission is designed to hopefully propel many away from feelings of helpless, hopeless despair and towards optimism and positive advocacy through the enrapture we seek from our music and the communities built around it. And the reciprocal benefits to music creators, financially and spiritually, are enormous!

As you work through the survey below, you’ll likely have an “aha moment.” Whether an artist, songwriter, fan, social cause, supportive brand or politician, we look forward to working with you.

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