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Socially Driven Music is a music and social good consultancy. It’s a proprietary, worldwide social impact system for the discovery, cultivation, marketing, distribution, and monetization and administration of music artists, song and recording copyrights, with an emphasis upon social poignancy.

Further distinguishing our global consultancy is our commitment to a community that energizes the connection of music, fans, positive social impact and brands for reciprocal benefit. We are the music industry’s de facto activism group, harnessing music to inspire positive societal change. Clients collaborate with our ever expanding menu of extraordinary, complementary strategic consortium partners. Together with our music artists and songwriters, we parlay music, social causes and the brands that care about them. 


Local music artists, songwriters and their most rabid fans are invited to join us and be connected with each other and social good causes, bolstered by the support of business brands who share our passions. With our interactive advocacy platform, we create zealous ambassador communities in an environment of camaraderie that work synergistically with each other and empathetic brands for reciprocal benefit.

The entirety of the music industry continues to undergo a high degree of disruption and distress. Until now, it has been devoid of any overarching purpose other than the self-serving. Socially Driven Music’s mission is to bring new purpose by achieving maximum potential for music creators and social causes and their fan bases through close collaboration: #Music4APurpose.

SDM is a nonpartisan (but intolerant of conspiracy theories and disinformation) environment for socially aware artists and songwriters of all generations to financially thrive while meeting our collective responsibility to daily influence social good. We facilitate the intrinsic activism of poignant music with our connections to social causes, brands, and the politicians who can serve our causes – coming together as an interconnected hyperlocal grassroots powerhouse community for change.

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