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SDM is literally a “Labor of Love” (pun intended): (see Stephen’s IMDb profile: It is the result of years of a passionate involvement in the music industry, creative and administrative experience, and a deep dive into the music industry’s current challenges, resulting in a set of solutions. The main challenges and value propositions include:

(a.) How to re-engage the enormous groups of older fans who are disfranchised by today’s music which doesn’t reflect their values and realties.

(b.) How to make music relevant to a wide demographic that is not reliant on curated playlists and unrepresentative charts.

(c.) How to energize music creators and their fans to rally around myriad social good causes and to effect positive change in an increasingly troubled world.

(d.) How to reactivate the many master songwriters for a socially poignant purpose and who will fuel collaborations with emerging talent.

(e.) How to maximize revenue for under-performing catalogues and reenergize established songwriters likely possessing unpublished hidden gems in their metaphorical piano benches. 

(f.) How to Identify and exploit growth areas, with particular attention to the 80/20 rule where much of a catalogue tends to languish while most attention is paid to the newest music.

(g.) How to activate untapped hyperlocal superfans into becoming grassroots Musicpreneur ambassadors for the discovery and development of emerging artists and songwriters.

(h.) How to enlist the treasure trove of sidelined experienced music industry veterans and have them participate as Mentors to the grassroots Musicpreneurs and their new music discoveries.

(i.) How to take advantage of new revenue and funding tools, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) for integrated music and social impact, and Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPAC’s).

(j.) How to create an architecture for repeating the process of building and selling music catalogues.


Socially Driven Music’s overarching premise is that the term music publisher is an archaic misnomer in today’s music industry reality. It doesn’t describe the breadth of services of this integral profession. When truly fulfilling its purpose, the more befitting description is music facilitator (including worldwide discovery, cultivation, development, production, marketing, promotion, administration). SDM is about visualizing the evolution of the business in the context of the changing world which, at its best, it must reflect. Its mantra is that now is the inflection point for a paradigm shift and a renaissance of thought-provoking music based upon powerful song copyrights versus production tracks: #MusicThatMatters. SDM believes that the industry is always renewed and reinvented from emerging entrepreneurs and independent artists (e.g., Asylum, Island, Chrysalis, Def Jam) during a creative drought such as it sees now.


So, SDM was created to improve the livelihoods of music artists and songwriters by connecting them and their fan bases to social causes for regular hyperlocal interaction and reciprocal benefit: It is first to recognize that there are myriad organizations comprised of tremendous amounts of supporters who are essentially preexisting fan bases for any artist and writer who is genuinely passionate about that cause. It’s a plan to prioritize the cultivation of socially poignant music (other music themes will also be developed) through the intersection and championing of social causes. This very process serves to integrate the artists, causes and their respective fan/support bases essentially on a daily basis. SDM facilitates connections for which it performs as the nucleus and catalyst, and which feeds it available established and emerging talent and fanbases.


What’s more, SDM’s methods rely upon creation of untapped marketing concepts such as its proprietary Mentors & Musipreneurs programs, which identify hyperlocal emerging talent and promotes it and established talent (much of it no longer garnering attention it deserves) via an unusually coordinated integration with these wide-ranging positive social causes. It aggregates grassroots music fans who also care about social issues from voting rights to immigration to discrimination to food scarcity to reasonable gun control to saving the elephants, and much more. SDM creates a community of music and social good ambassadors and advocates who can execute on its vision and with a shared passion for creating #MusicThatMatters. This potential is further fueled by a dedication to utilizing cutting-edge tech to major advantage. 

More Business Model Distinctions

SDM quickly recognized that its business model is enhanced by influencing the politics integral to it all (during and between election cycles). SDM will become the music industry’s de facto advocacy/activism group. It strives to increase music revenue through altruism and, by extension, the encouragement of a return to the tradition of socially poignant music, especially in today’s divisive climate when music can and should be as impactful as it was during the turmoil of the 60’s and ’70’s. The contention is that the enormous older demographic of music fans who have been disenfranchised by repetitious, banal productions (versus songs), is ripe for reengagement. And further, that this fact can be extrapolated to include the many master songwriters who will be reactivated to create “music for a purpose” and who will fuel collaborations with emerging talent.

As it develops new music catalogues, SDM was designed as a full-service component system to be inserted into or exist alongside an existing music company, acting as a music facilitator catalyst across a spectrum of services. As a consultant and/or strategic partner, it can also identify and exploit growth areas, with particular attention to the 80/20 rule where much of a catalogue tends to languish while most attention is paid to the newest music. Opportunities abound for collaboration which can be energized with social impact themes and exploited through clever placements. Use of tech and analytics also benefits sync licensing in a manner that is untapped, and which is one of SDM’s unique, core strengths. (As a secondary result, SDM can transform the licensing budgets of original visual production companies such as Amazon and Netflix from an expense to a revenue generator.)  And SDM demonstrates how to utilize Non-Fungible Tokens as a marketing tool and revenue generator.  


It can be said that Socially Driven Music is an innovative system for the development of copyright annuities from emerging talent, as well as languishing established talent whose ability and work is still as viable and relevant as ever. And it reawakens dormant older fans. SDM projects that, in addition to under-performing catalogues which will be reenergized, established talent likely possess unpublished hidden gems in their metaphorical piano benches. This artist/songwriter><Mentor/Musicpreneur<>social causes><fan base model is built to scale and syndicate around the world. SDM is also a big proponent of Blockchain platforms for emerging artists and songwriters and their collaborators, which add value to the catalogues it will build. Ultimately, SDM is the architecture for creating new music catalogues which may be co-administrated with its partner and possibly later acquired while the system proceeds to repeat the process.

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Socially Driven Music Powerpoint 4-19-2021 Final

Executive Summary

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